Thursday, November 20, 2008

90 Weeks

Wow, that sounds like a nice round number huh?

Week 90 finds me with dark blue on top and white on the bottom as ligatures. The powerchains are gone except for one which is closing that gap on the lower left.

It is amazing how much time has flown and how much the changes are being made. As I now only have to wear the elastics for 8 hours each day I think I can remember that.

I awoke quite early, brushed and headed out. For breakfast, I had a banana and a bagel with cream cheese.

Later, I had a salad from Burger King which was actually quite good. For dinner, it was fish with Spanish rice and potatoes. All quite good and so easy to eat.

I did see a guy with braces at dinner, but did not have a chance to talk with him about his treatment.

Once back home, I ensured that I brushed and added mouthwash.

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