Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week 84 and not cooperating with elastics

This morning at week 84, my teeth feel odd and keep hitting each other as the move continues. I brushed this morning and added mouthwash. I have a banana and will have it on my way to work this morning. I did not put in new elastics at all.

For lunch, I had some Thai food, curry chicken. It was quite good and I had no issues eating it all. I brushed after without issues as well.

Once home, I had some pasta which was fine as wellas some nuts and crackers and a few pieces of bread. I was extremely tired so I had no chance to brush before bed. I still have not put in any elastics at all, so I'm in for it from my Ortho. I'll ask her if she has a fixed method to use instead of elastics since I'm not cooperating at all. I think i am not copoerating as I don't really want to have my teeth the way she wants to have them :-(.

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