Wednesday, October 1, 2008

still bad at elastics and a girl in braces

When I got to work. I was pretty hungry! So I had a banana and a carrot muffin. Later for lunch, it was timne for some chicken fried rice. But, it also had sausage in it that did not really work well for me. It tasted like crap actually.

During lunch, I met a lady with braces. She had black ligatures with two red elastics going from the lower molars to the upper canines. She had had braces for 3 years and now has 2 more months to go before she gets them off.

I did ensure I brushed after lunch, but did not put back the elastics in.

I did a party for a friend of mine and we had Mexican food; chicken, beans and rice plus chips. It was all quite good.

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Anonymous said...

How much longer do you have left with your braces? The orange looks pretty nice, I was always afraid of getting a bright color because I thought it would horrific. Actually, the orange looks pretty nifty, especially for Halloween soon to be approaching.