Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Ortho visit

I was up an atom at 7:00a and out of the house by 7:26a. In no time, I got a bus and was at the Ortho office by 7:55a. There was no one there so I waited a few minutes for them to show and they did.

The Asst. called me in at about 8:02a, we said our pleasantries and she then she gave me two pieces of laminated paper which would help to remind me to wear my elastics. Thoughtful, I thought, but will it be effective? I'll really feel guilty now if I don't wear them.

I sat in the chair and she removed the ligatures. She asked what color were they as they were so faded. I told her orange.

We had to wait for the Ortho to arrive so we had some small talk. Once the Ortho arrived, she did her inspections and placed a powerchain across the back molars and premolars on the lower left. She then placed another one across the front teeth and normal ligatures on the rest of the teeth.

The Asst. mentioned to her to ask me if I am wearing my elastics; this was my cue to fess up, so I did. I was just told to ensure that I do and I told her about my newly acquired signs.

The top was fine so orange powerchains were placed across the front teeth and then normal ligatures on the rest. It was then time to go; next appt. will be on Nov. 18 at 9:15a.

Once back home, I had breakfast of bread and cheese and crackers and som cashew nuts and a banana after taking pictures. I wanted to have some cereal, but I was out of milk.

For lunch, I had two chicken tamales, one bean tamale and some rice with tortilla chips and salsa. It was all good, but the salsa was hard and the chicken was too stringy. it was a painful experience to say the least. Once home, I brushed as there were strings of chicken all over the place.

Later for dinner with a friend of mine, I had Mexican food again, this time it was beans, rice and grilled chicken with lettuce and tomato; really good. I did brush before heading to bed really late.

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