Thursday, October 9, 2008

not much food today

I awoke with clanging teeth devoid of elastics as I forgot to put them in.  Actually, I fell asleep and did not get a chance to brush at all.  When I awoke this morning it was like 5:44a.

Later, I brushed and added mouthwash and left without eating anything.  I realized I did not put the elastics in, so I did on my way to work.

For lunch, i had Vietnamese food; chicken noodle soup which was nice and soft and I had no issues.  I then brushed and did not put any new elastics in after taking them out as I had really forgotten about the whole deal.

Later, I had a piece of pita bread and then some crackers and bread and some cashew nuts.  That's it really before brushing my teeth, adding mouthwash and then fluoride.  I did not floss; lazy I guess.

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