Monday, October 20, 2008

not a bad day at all

I awoke and brushed and then headed out to work without eating any breakfast. I had no issues and I did put in my elastics.

At work, I had a cranberry muffin and a banana from the coffee shop downstairs. My Admin Asst. called like clockwork and reminded me of my 8:00a appointment tomorrow. I made sure to tell her that I have not been wearing my elastics as prescirbed. I told her to prepare my Ortho so I don't get yelled at too much. She said maybe they have to glue the elastics in kidding. My colleague who is in braces said that I should suggest a headgear that I have to wear in the daytime; she is evil... We will see what happens tomorrow.

Later, lunch was grilled catfish with cole slaw and rice. It was all good and I had no issues eating it. I brushed later just before I had a meeting, so that was good as there was a lot of stuff to remove from my mouth.

Once home, I had some grapes, cashew nuts as well as some crackers and a cheese sandwich.

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