Friday, October 24, 2008

not a bad day and a guy in braces.

I awoke this morning and realized that I had not replaced the elastics :-(.  oops...I then brushed and headed for the door after picking up a banana on my way out the door.

For lunch, I had some chicken and shrimp fried rice, which was really quite good.  I had to brush really hard after as there was a lot of crap in my mouth.  After brushing, I did realize I did not have my elastics in so I put them in place.

Later, I had some crackers and cheese.  I did meet a guy in braces.  He had ceramics on both the top and bottom arches.  He said he ahd braces when he was a kid, but did not wear his retainers so now he has to wear them again.  He says that he just got them and has about 6-7 months more to go in them.  He said he did not pay too much fo rthem either as his insurance paid for them which was a good deal for him.  Ceramics are so interesting as I hardly noticed them until we talked some more.

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