Saturday, October 11, 2008

no beef!

I brushed as soon as I got up this morning.  There were no issues nor pain either so it all worked very well.  For breakfast, I had an egg sandwich with tomato and some tea.  The bread was a bit crunchy, but I managed.  I made sure to brush after as there was just crap everywhere by then.

For lunch, I had some oxtail and rice. This was a bad idea as I forgot that oxtail is beef and quite stringy.  it took a while to eat and I left most of it behind.  I definitely had to brush after that meal!

Later, I had a pack of peanut and then some crackers a bit later and for dinner, it was a cheese sandwich.  I did not brush before bed as I fell asleep.  I awoke much later and just rinsed with water and went back to bed.  I was really tired and a bit crabby as I have too many things on my mind at the moment.

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