Friday, October 10, 2008

I ate too much again

Once at work, I did not have anything to eat. I had even forgot my banana on my way to work. When I went out for lunch, I did see two guys in braces. One had black ligatures on his top only and the other I could not tell exactly what he had. as it was a bit busy, i was unable to ask them about their treatment.

For lunch, I did a foot long Subway sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cheese and green peppers. I asked the lady to cut it into four for me so it would make it easier to eat; she did. After lunch, I did use the last bit of my toothpaste to brush and then remembered to put in elastics. luckily I had a packet in my drawer at work as I had forgotten to put a packet in my pocket this morning.

Later for dinner, I had some crackers and cheese and then a pack of mini pretzels. Although the pretzels were hard, I was still able to eat it. I was actually full now from all that junk.

For an even later dinner, I had some ham (so pimples tomorrow), rice and potatoes. It was all good and very soft. I then brushed before bed.

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