Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a fun day sort of

Today was interesting.

One of my bosses, commented on my braces saying that they are for kids which I thought was funny. He did say that they make me look younger, but he thinks I should get them off. I told him that I had 1.5 years more to go so sorry...

Later a lady asked me how my treatment was going and I told her. She talked about her early days in braces and that she had to wear a chin strap, well her mom did and she may have to wear one to pull her lower jaw back. She was glad that my treatment was going well.

my friend who is in invisalign, gave me a update saying that he actually feels that his teeth has moved since he got them about two weeks ago. Good deal.

For lunch, I had some crab meat, a salad and a seafood lasagna. It was realyl good and I ahd no eating issues. Once back at the office, I did brush my teeth with the little toothpaste that I have. I need to bring a new tube into the office.

Once home, I had a cheese sandwich, then some bread and some crackers. I think I will have some ice cream later as well as some cashew nuts.

The elastic on my right side, just popped! It felt weird.

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