Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Week 82

I awoke this morning with the notion that my teeth have moved, this is such a weird feeling, you have no idea unless you currently wear or have worn braces. The gap between my canine and my incisor have closed somewhat now that I have powerchains from canine to canine (3 to 3 as the Ortho says). It is a roller coaster with that gap. I am having pain on the front incisors, kind of a dull pain really.

I brushed using my electric toothbrush as now I have power back, then added the mouthwash, which still taste funny. On my way out, I had a banana and then once at work put in the elastics.

For lunch, I wanted Mexican food, but had to settle for grilled chicken, red potatoes and green beans. Remind me not to have either as they are both too spicy; I was sweating the entire time as I ate.

I did visit the library and the lady helping me had braces. She hs metallic uppers and lowers with white ligatures (have not tried white as yet). I started to ask her about her treatment, but we were so busy with the transaction that we never talked about it. Also, someone was waiting to be attended to.

Later for dinner, I just had a banana and some bread before brushing, not flossing and removing and adding elastics.

I did take the usual weekly pictures and will add them soon. My cable is out so I have no Internet at home now :-(.

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