Friday, September 26, 2008

teeth are moving

I awoke to really tight teeth. I did brush last night, added mouthwash as well as fluoride. And yes, I did put the elastics back in although I did think about not doing it. Not sure I like my lower arch being under my upper one that is going to feel funny. Oh, I did do some flossing as well.

On my walk to the bus stop, I had a banana.

For lunch, I had some cashew nuts, a banana, with a turkey and cheese sandwich. Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to brush after the meal.

Later, I had some cheese and crackers and still no brushing. For dinner, I had a steak and cheese pizza with a salad. No brushing after that meal either. I'm batting a thousand today I see.

1 comment:

GioNYC1982 said...

Looks like everything is coming alone pretty well. I wish I could feel my teeth moving!