Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ortho appt. day

I did brush last night, but did not floss nor add fluoride as I had forgotten to do so.

I awoke this morning and my teeth have moved out of place :-(. I did brush and removed a piece of food from between my teeth since I did not floss last night :-(.

On my way to the Ortho. I met a guy at the bus stop in braces and an elastic connecting the left incisors. He has had braces for five years as he wont wear his elastics. He had black ligatures.

Got to the Ortho's office ontime, but had to wait a bit. While I waited, a young guy came out of the office with a body language that said, "Oh No, not braces!" I told him it was not too bad, the first few months are difficult, but it gets better. He'll have to have them for 1.5 years he says.

His mom and the Ortho then came out and said hello to me and the Ortho was using me an example of someone who has braces and all is well. it was funny ;-).

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