Tuesday, September 23, 2008

one of my colleagues like my ligatures

At work earlier today, I saw one of my female colleague in braces; I believe she just got htem as I had not seen her in braces before. I've not had a chance to talk with her as yet.

It is funny as one of my other female colleagues commented that she had braces in the '80s and at that time, they never had colored ligatures. She also commented that my ligatures matched another girl's blouse :-). She was the onyl one to comment on the colors so far. Funyn how people never say anything about the colors :-).

I went to CVS and bought some mouthwash; Crest, hopefully this one won't bother my mouth; it is "Refreshing Clear Mint" flavor. It was $4.79 and when I got to the counter, it rang up as $5.19. I told the guy and went back and checked and then he overode his computer. Cheaters. I also got some dental floss as I had run out so I had not flossed and I see plaque build up at the base of two of my front lower teeth :-(.

Once I got home, I had some bread and cashew nuts. I got back power today, so I can do a proper cleaning later tonight.

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