Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The actual adjustment

I was called into the office at about 8:35a or so. The usualy pleasantries, then the Asst. took off the old ligatures as normal.

The Ortho did her inspections and commented that it appears taht I'm not wearing my elastics and she was right as I've been telling you all; crap! I told her that I just forgot and she gave me two packs of elastics to keep near my toothbrush so I don't forget and advised me that my treatment will just take longer if I don't comply.

I asked her what are the elastics (Class III) are doing and she says they are bringing my lower jaw backwards, so they fit under my teeth. Odd, as I thought that my teeth are supposed to touch each other and apparenty that is not the case; who knew?

The Asst. asked me what colors I wanted and while I ws futtsing along, she suggested orange now and then black and orange when I get back for my before Halloween treatment. So I agreed.

She then put them back on and added the power chains afrom canine to canine on the bottom to match the top. I did tell them about the fact that I think the hook broke off in the back upper left and she said that it is there, just that it forced in somehow, so she pulled it out a bit. It still seems like it is not there, but I will find out once I try to put those elastic son later.

Soon, it was all over and I paid my bill for next month, got a new appt. date of Thursday, Oct. 21, 2008 at 8:00a and was out of there.

Just before I left, the Ortho came by and told me to ensure that I wear my elastics, she was quite stern!

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