Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Week 64; Wow!

63 weeks in and a week away from a second birthday in braces...fantastic!


Ardent Fortuneteller said...

congrats! I am 28 and just got braces 2 days ago. Still have to get my extractions. They have been a pain in the ass so far.

I liked reading your blog, give me a road map to what to look forward to since we have similar treatments.

Braces Later said...

Thank you very much. Two days, so your body is just getting used to having braces. You will be fine.

Thanks for reading the blog, I appreciate your stopping by and continuing to look.

Please keep me posted of your treatment. How long are you in braces for and what do you have?

Ardent Fortuneteller said...

Hey, how come you have 18 more months? You've made a lot of progress and your teeth look pretty straight to me now.

My ortho told me to expect 2 years for my treatment. I have crowding in my upper and lower arches, and also a bit of over jet on my upper arch.

I am getting all my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow along with 2 upper and 2 lower premolars. While they are removing the 8 teeth (YIKES!) they will perforate my jawbone a little to lower my bone density so my teeth will move faster.

Anyway, I'll get all my wires put in over my brackets after that, then I'll start to document my progress.

cheers to you.