Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The spacers are in

I left the house at about 12:15p and got the local bus at 12:28p. It was all perfect so I arrived at the office by about 10 minutes to the hour.

I sat and waited, as I was early. Soon the Asst. came by the window and say hello. She then invited me in. I sat in the chair and she started by cutting the wire at the end of the bracket on the pre-molar. She then pulled it (the wire) out from the bracket on the back molar. She then placed two flat aqua plastic items (these are the spacers) between the pre-molar and the first molar and then another between the first and second molars. She then adjusted the end of the wire so it does not fall out and added a new aqua ligature to it. That is it, I was done. Took all of about 10 minutes if that much.

Then I set up an appointment to come back on 15 May at 9:00a to get the metal band installed.

On my way home, I picked up a Caesar salad with grilled chicken as I wanted to eat healthy and that is not too hard to eat considering I had to eat on only the left side of my mouth. It ate well and I had no issues. I also had a slice of bread as well, of course eating that on the left side as well.

I had two Advils as well just in case the pain decides to kick in.

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