Thursday, May 8, 2008

soft lunch

Well, I had a banana on my way to the bus stop this morning. At work, I showed my colleague who has braces my bright colored ligs. She had just gotten her adjustment as well and she has a light lavender color.

For lunch, I went out with a friend of mine for Vietnamese food. I had the chicken noodle soup with sour sop juice and he had the beef noodle soup with two spring rolls. I ate very carefully and only on the left side.

Once back at work, I brushed. It was weird as I am so self-conscious about these new colors that I don't talk much. I even saw one of my colleagues and did not say hello as I knew it may have come up or just distracted the conversation.

Once home, I had a cheese sandwich, well two cheese sandwiches and some cashew nuts that I ate really slowly...

My teeth really hurts and now I have placed two pieces of wax on the right side on two brackets as they are irritating my mouth. As I eat, I keep checking on the spacers to ensure that they have not fallen out. So far, so good.

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