Friday, May 9, 2008

not eating too much

I awoke without issues, well not really. Last night when I brushed I had to be careful when I brushed around the spacers. I flossed and also added Listerine.

I had a banana on my way out and then a muffin at work. I had a talk with the girl in braces who served me and she was funny. She liked my aqua ligatures and said that she had lavender which actually looks just like the ones my colleague has. Each time we see each other, we update each other on our treatments.

For lunch, I had some red beans and rice followed by ice cream. Once back at work, I brushed. My other braced male colleague stopped by and said hello, he was trying to get a friend of mine who I was chatting with to get braces, but the guy said he does not need them, but his sister had them which was interesting.

Later, once home, I had a mango as well as some cashew nuts too.

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