Thursday, May 15, 2008

no real hurt...

For lunch, I had some chicken fried rice, chicken and some vegetables. This was my first time eating with the band in my mouth so I had to be careful. I don't think I needed to be, but it seemed like I should have. It all tasted and I had no incidents while eating.

After lunch, I was able to brush. I got really hungry later and had a piece of lemon pastry that was way too sweet.

For dinner, I had some chicken with tortilla, which really tasted good, but the tortilla was a bit hard to chew. I also had some ice cream for dessert. Much later, I had two mangoes and they were good, except that my upper right arch to the front is hurting and the tooth that is banded is hurting.

The funny thing is that I keep rubbing my tongue against the cleat that is on the inside of the band.

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