Friday, May 2, 2008

nice dinner and a sighting...

I awoke with a really tight mouth again. I brushed and had no issues with brushing though. I munched on a banana as I rushed out of the house for work.

Lunch was a Mandarin Orange salad from Wendy’s and a small fries. The salad was quite good, but chewy so it took a little while to eat. It did not help that I added chopped almonds to it either.

I was able to brush after it all, so that cleared away all the crap.

My friend who got braces two days before I did stopped by. He was in silver powerchains now on the top and bottom. He said that his Ortho just wants to do final tweaks and hopefully he should be out of them soon. He says that he’s had enough of them. he now has to wear elastics on each side at nights only. Previously he had to wear them for 24 hours. It is funny as he had initially thought that he would be out of them by December last year, but fat chance.

Later, I had a cupcake which was just way too sweet.

The TSA lady at the airport had braces, but she only opened her mouth once and I saw her metallic brackets with green ligatures. I did not have an opportunity to find out how she was getting on at all.

For dinner, it was on a plane and consisted of a tandoori chicken skewer, seafood bisque with crab meat and a mini beef Wellington. Next was a salad with parmesan peppercorn dressing and then a main course of herb-crusted Halibut with parslied potatoes and green beans. It all tasted really good except for the potatoes as they were a bit hard for some reason. Unfortunately, I was unable to brush after, so I just had to use some water to wash my mouth out.

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