Thursday, May 15, 2008

The new band is in

Well, I headed out and arrived at the Ortho's office at 8:45a. In no time, I was in her chair, had the ligs off and the wire out. The Asst. did all the work and then she checked about 4 bands until she found one that fit properly.

She then added some glue to the inside and placed it over the tooth. All done. Then she added the new wire plus the baby blue ligs that she chose for me now. I could not make up my mind as there was so many colors.

I did ask her what is next and she said elastics in a month, one on each side for 24 hours a day.

Once back at work, my other female colleagues and I had a braces talk. It was great, we talked about the changes we've seen and our experiences. We even looked into each other's mouth. It was cool as our treatments are so different, but we have very similar experiences. Of us all, my teeth are the worst.

Here are some pics of the band.

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