Sunday, May 4, 2008

A long day and the bracket popped again

I brushed when I awoke and I had no brushing issues and no teeth pain either. This is good news. For breakfast, I had two chicken and jam sandwiches which although chewy did not present any eating challenges at tall.

Later, I had lunch of roasted beef with mashed potatoes, carrots and broccoli, crackers and cheese, a salad with Parmesan dressing, a roll and a brownie. This was a trial (I always have the chicken) that failed and compounded to the fact that I dropped my knife, so I had nothing to cut the beef, except my teeth. I was eating on my left side only, and I heard a pop on the right; that bracket came loose again. This is really becoming annoying now.

I had some vanilla ice cream later then a chicken sandwich with cheese and potato chips and a piece of chocolate. I did not eat the chocolate and took off all the melted cheese off the sandwich. The bread was quite hard on that sandwich though :-(.

For dinner, I had some Swedish meatballs plus crackers and cheese, I had to ensure that I ate the crackers very slowly and on one side.

That loose bracket is a pain now once more. The Ortho's office is closed tomorrow so on Tuesday, I will call and see if I can't just wait until the 13th. to get it taken care of. I wonder what she will do to make it stay on?

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