Thursday, May 1, 2008


A friend at work had a bunch of us over to his place for lunch. It was great. I had a burger with cheese as well as a strawberry. Of course I cut the burger in four pieces and that worked well. I interacted with quite a bit of people and they all saw my pink teeth but said nothing of course, the professionals they are :-)...

I started visiting with others and just chatting for a while. I did meet my colleague who has ceramic braces with a metallic wire on the top and the bottom. I talk to him from time to time and we spent the greater part of about 15 minutes talking about braces with an audience of four others, one whom is a girl who had braces in the past and now has fixed retainers.

As it turns out, the Ortho I chose is the one that he left after he was not satisfied with he results. Ironic, you may say? Perhaps? I had asked him to give me some recommendations and he was careful not to mention her by name. I told him that I was impressed by her office, etc. and I think she is fine. But he really hates her and I do remember him ranting about her when his treatment went south.

The conversation continued on to talk about flossing with braces. The other braces guy says he does not floss which is quite the contrary of me who flosses all the time. The girl with the fixed retainers flosses all the time. Eventually we stopped talking about braces as the other guy in braces says that getting braces was the worst decision he had ever made as they suck and has given him so much problems. He concluded by saying that at some point he is just going to tell his new Ortho to take off the braces as he has had enough.

I ensured that I brushed when I returned to the office and had no issues while doing so.

I had to run an errand after work, so I stopped and had some French fries from Wendy's. It was all good and just what I needed.

Once home, I had some crackers as well as a packet of cheese ravioli for dinner after having a banana and a mango which were both quite soft and delicious. It was good to get a mango without issues. As I chew on the right side it is still very tender where the new bracket is fitted. My teeth on the left are also tender...

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