Saturday, May 3, 2008

I saw someone in a headgear

For breakfast, I had gratin potatoes with broccoli, turkey sausage, a croissant, an omelet, yogurt and a bowl of fruits (grapes, pineapple and cantaloupe). It was all good, except that the cantaloupes were a bit hard so kind of hard to eat. I was able to do a much needed brushing after this meal. Unfortunately, I have no Listerine with me so I cannot use it.

I saw a young girl with a cervical headgear (anchored around the neck) and her mom in the airport. I chatted with them a little bit about it. She had just received it two months now and it was anchored on her top arch. She would have it for another 10 months or so and then get braces for two years. This is actually my first time seeing a patient in a headgear appliance. It was kind of surreal.

I had some crackers for a snack and it has a lot of sugar in it. The caramel makes it stick to your palette so it took a while to get it out of my mouth.

For dinner, I had some rice, with chicken, green beans and a salad with a shrimp sauce. This was really good and I had no issues eating it at all. I ensured that I brushed after eating as well.

Later, I had a snack of cashew nuts which I ate carefully ensuring that they stayed on the left side of my mouth at all times. I don’t want to break off that bracket on the right again.

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