Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fixing the bracket

I got to the Ortho's office at about 2:00p. As there was no one there, they took me right away. The Asst. introduced me to my normal chair and smiled. She took off the ligatures and the powerchains and advised that I'll have to choose a new color today. She suggested baby blue and I asked what else she had since I had tried that one before. She presented two other blues and I picked the brightest of the three quite unconsciously.

The Ortho came over and said hello, then proceeded to remove the glue commenting that the bracket had actually broke off from the mesh on the bracket itself. She said they were going to use a stronger glue today and if that did not work, then they will have to add bands around the molars. This is the last resort.

The Asst. had already changed my pink powerchains to the new bright blue color so I was all set to go.

In no time, it was all done and the new bracket was in place. I heard them talking about my tooth being misaligned so that is why they chose that bigger bracket.

It was time to go, and since my next appt. is next Tuesday, that was changed to three weeks away on May 22. We got to talking and since I have a cleaning on May 27 the Asst. called that office and found out the time which was 9:00a and made my Ortho appt. for 10:00a so I'll just go from one place to the next as they are within walking distance of each other.

I then left and said I hope not to see them until May 27. The Asst. said O.K., but if I needed to come in do not hesitate to do so.

Once I got home, I realized how bright the ligatures were once I looked into the mirror.

I did have some crackers and cheese as I was hungry and that was all the food I had safe an end slice of bread which I ate too. I was certain to only eat on one side.

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