Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Almost Week 62 Adjustment in pics

I popped the same bracket four times now and my Ortho fixed it again, so instead of having my adjustment next Tuesday, I had it today, a week early. Do you like the bright blue ligs?

These pictures were taken with a different camera from my D70S so I have to get used to it taking self-pics. I used a Sony Touch Panel DSC-T70. I need a macro lens really bad.

See how different the bracket on the right side is from the new one?

Ther bracket on the first molar (#6) is the culprit. It is huge, I heard my Ortho and the Asst. saying that they are using that as something may have to get attached to it later to align the tooth if necessary. I think it will be necessary as my tooth is out of alignment. You can see that in the photo below.

Misaligned first molar on the left there (right side of my mouth). It will take a bot of work to right that tooth I guess.

A little overjet there.

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