Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I just brushed, flossed, added Listerine and fluoride. While flossing, I noticed that the bracket that was fixed today was already loose...AARGHHH!!!

So now that means I will have to get a band on that tooth since for some reason the bracket will not sit on that first molar at all...I will have to call the Ortho's office in the morning and see what gives.

Adding a band is a process as they have to make spaces between the teeth in order to do this, which I think takes two weeks to occur.

I then felt my front teeth feeling funny as if they are all moving. When I checked, the first incisor on the left feels loose. It actually squeaks when I tug on it a bit. The tooth next to it is also loose. They are not very loose, they just move when I touch them. I can only guess that the powerchains are doing their job and moving the teeth as the should be.

This sucks really as I thought that all this stuff was over and done with now.

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