Thursday, April 10, 2008


It was 8:45a when I left the house this morning; 30 minutes of the mark...I called the X-ray office to get proper directions and it is a good thing I did as it was slightly not where I though it was.

I arrived right at 9:00a and filled out a small paper and then waited. I asked if I could pay with insurance and the receptionist said no, but I could claim from my insurance company with the forms she would give me.

Soon, a lady called me in and had me lay on my back; but for some reason i laid on my stomach, duh and she laughed.

She was very pleasant and took about five sets of images of my mouth, upper and lower jaw. Then I went to another room and took one that goes around your head, then a picture as she then checked and realized that no pictures are to be taken. Then finally she took one of my head again and this time standing with the device going from front to back.

It was weird to see a full skeletal scan of my head...She had me wait a bit to ensure that they were good. They were, so I could pay then leave. It was $130 for the visit.

Once back in the car, I had a banana and then headed back to work arriving at about 10:00a.

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