Monday, April 21, 2008

too much cheese

I had a banana and a muffin this morning. The girl at the muffin place asked me if I had an extraction at the upper left side. I told her that was not the case and I had actually had a bridge sectioned. She told me that she had had four extractions and now the gaps were closing. She hated it. I had spoken to her before about her treatment and had blogged about it. Now when we see each other we ask about how our treatment is doing.

There were no issues eating at all. For lunch, it was lasagna which although O.K, it was too cheesy.

I was able to brush after lunch without incident although very carefully.

When I got home, for dinner, I had some crackers and cashew nuts. I had a mango left, so I whipped up a drink of the mango, mango twist juice, cashew nuts, ice cream and seedless grapes. This was nice and creamy and served its purpose.

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