Saturday, April 12, 2008

Third new Ortho visit

I was up at about 9:00a, well, maybe a little earlier, in order to get ready for my Ortho appt. today. I brushed and added Listerine as last night I fell asleep without brushing. I also did not eat anything as I had the appointment.

I got there just at 10:00a, waited a few minutes with about three other patients (all with their mouths closed :-) and then it was my turn.

An assistant showed up and told me to lay back. I knew what she was about to do (change my ligatures), so I asked her if she knew why I was here. She said for Ortho right? To which I responded, well, yes, but for a transfer consultation. She then said she will await his visit.

He showed up in a few minutes (did not introduce himself) and we proceeded to talk. I told him the situation and as it turns out, he knows my original Ortho very well. It was crazy as she used to work for the Dental company that is causing me all this horrors. He commented that all these companies are in for is the profit margin, hence the closure. I surmised that he may have departed for that reason, but that is purely an assumption.

He looked at my teeth and had me to the open mouth, bite down, etc. routines. Then he gave me a mirror and started dialogueing with me. He said that the missing tooth at the bottom is an issue, but it was necessary. He said that my issue is that my bottom line is our of alignment; it is to the left. This is caused by the missing tooth. It would take about 8 months to close that gap, but the bottom line would still be off. He suggested a $200 procedure that would close the gap faster by adding a screw to the bone at my back molar and attach a spring from that tooth to the lower left canine. He mentioned that the procedure was approved by the FDA in 2003, I think and that he had already done 40 patients with good results. He said all he would do is just numb that tooth, place the screw and in two minutes, it is done. He said based on what his diagnosis, it would take about 14 months to get it all done. He also said that one other way is to remove a tooth from the upper right and one from the lower right to balance my mouth since i have two upper teeth on the left missing and one on the lower. He did not like this option at all, but said it existed.

He also suggested that he would give me a bite plate of sorts that would not allow me to close my teeth (similar to the bite turbos I had before). He said that this would allow that canine to move backwards as what is occurring now is that it is trying to move and the upper canine is stopping it from doing so.

In terms of cost, he said that he would take my current balance and I would pay just a bit more for the retainers. My dentist then walked in and said hello, reminding me that she had told me to do it at her office. I reminded her that she did not have an Ortho at the time and she said, yes and smiled, talked some more and then bade goodbye.

The Ortho, then said he is all done and I told him that I wanted to go see that other Ortho on Apr. 24 and then make a final decision. He said that was fine.

At issue too is that he is only there once a month on a Saturday; the next time he would be there is May 31. He does say that it is based on the amount of patients he may be there on a Thursday or Friday. He did say though that if something occurred between those times, my dentist can take care of it as she is Ortho trained. He also said that if necessary I could come to his other office, but he did not say where that was located.

There was no charge for the visit and I advised that I would keep him posted of my decision. I was sure to ask him his name before I left as he had never told me what that was himself.

Oh, when I was leaving, a girl came back and she was all done with her ligs being changed; she had pink on top and bottom and elastics on the sides going from top to bottom. As she looked a little uncomfortable, I told her it is fine and she smiled. As if I know since I've not gotten elastics as yet. I think I will get pink ligs when I see my new Ortho, whomever that becomes.

After the visit, I needed breakfast, so my friend and I went to a local place for a southern homestyle breakfast. I had the Texas Scramble special: homestyle hashbrowns, scrambled eggs and a biscuit with some tea. This was good and quite a lot of food, but I ate it all.

I noticed while eating that one of the waiters was in braces (metallic top and bottom), but he was not waiting on our table, so I did not get a chance to talk with him. He had a severe overbite and had extractions on both sides of the top arch.

Nothing really, I think I just had some crackers and cheese and a banana.

I was at the airport for a bit and the TSA guy had braces. I barely noticed it, as he kept his mouth closed quite a bit. I was going to ask how is treatment was, but I was not sure if he had braces or not. I am sure I'll see him again at some point.

A mango and then I had some Rigatoni in sauce with broccoli & white chicken. It was all good and I had no issues.

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