Tuesday, April 8, 2008

second new ortho visit

I headed out for my appt. and made it there at 9:15a. Everything worked well with the buses this morning.

I found the place with no issues and made it up to the office. It was devoid of people; not sure that is a good sign or not. I hit the bell at the window as I had not seen anyone behind the glass. I could hear voices in the back though. I reluctantly rang the bell again and a few minutes later the receptionist came out, asked if it was me, I said yes, she introduced herself and handed me some paperwork.

Soon, I was in the Ortho's chair. She is sweet! Introduced herself and started to ask questions.

She advised that my other office should have given me record models and a cephalometric xray tracing. She showed me what both of these looked like. She tried to call my ortho office and they said that they dont have any and they think they may be moved to storage and destroyed. Bizarre. She got angry and wanted the Ortho to call her at once.

She went through and did a lot of measurements and asked a lot of questions. She then said for her to give me a cost, she needed the models and the x-rays. I had one x-ray, but it was crap really when I looked at another similar x-ray she had there.

So she said she could do the record models for $100! So I said O.K. as I need them anyways. Her assistant asked what flavor I wanted and I chose the pina colada flavor.

The initial exam was $50 as agreed earlier. I also got an appointment to take x-rays at a clinic far away on Thursday at 9:00a. I don't know how much that will cost.

I now have to wait until April 24 at 8:45a for a diagnosis and consultation which will cost me $150.00 If I decide to go with her, the money I already paid will be a part of the treatment cost. And that day, my new treatment will start.

Oh, I did loosen a bracket when she took out the mold in my top arch :-(.

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