Friday, April 25, 2008

popped bracket again

Well, last night I fell asleep without brushing :-(. When awoke, it was 3:11a and all the lights and TV was on. I then turned it all off and went back to sleep.

This morning, I brushed and added Listerine. I did not eat anything as I was off to the Ortho to fix that loose lower first molar bracket.

I got to the Ortho with 15 minutes to spare and worked on the computer until I was called about 9:40a. They removed the ligatures and then rebanded the bracket using a different process and then put th archwire back and new pink ligatures and I was ready to go at 10:01a.

Once at work, I ate a muffin and heard a pop! Yup, the bracket was loose once more...I called the office and I did not have to say anything. They told me to come back next Tuesday at 1p. The saga continues.

I also had some grapes later.

For lunch later, I had some red beans and rice after taking two Advils as my mouth is in pain. The meal was good and of course soft.

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