Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I awoke with a tightness in my mouth; this whole braces thing is interesting at times.

Before brushing or anything, I picked up the phone and called the old Ortho. This phone call was painful. The office I called said that they had already moved so I had to call the new office.

So I did and they said they need 24 hours to dupe the records; what? After talking for a while and being on hold for what seemed like forever, they said I could come pick it up between 11:00a and 11:30a as they saw their last patient at 11:00a. So I guess I'm in the way...

I brushed and added Listerine and did not have any breakfast at the moment.

Later, I had a banana as well as a piece of bread and some pieces of chicken.

At about 10:30a, I got a call back that said they were having trouble with the machine that does the copying of the X-ray. I told her to call me back in about 10-20 minutes if that changed. She never called back so I went down there, calling and advising that I'll just take whatever they have.

When I got there (I rented a car so I could do this), they did have the X-rays available, who knew? I also had them copy the initial photos as I have no idea where my copy is.

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