Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Ortho Visit

A friend offered his car so I took him up on that as it would save me some time. I had already researched the bus and it requires a double connection, so it was no different than going to the old Ortho's office. It is a little further though, but not by much at all.

I arrived at about 10:55a in time for my 11:00a appointment.

The office was very crowded; there were perhaps three open seats. I think people brought family members with them while they waited.

It is always funny at the Ortho's office as everyone keeps their mouth closed :-). Although there was only two guys keeping their mouths closed at this office. It was like all the braces wearing teenagers were in this office today. Apart from the receptionist, I was the only adult in braces.

I filled out the paperwork, while patients arrived and departed with new appointment dates in hand. Everyone had metallic braces with colored ligatures. No ceramics and no visible headgears.

After filling out my paperwork, one of the Assistants introduced herself to me as the person who I had spoken to on the phone. She then tool me to Ortho chair. We talked for a bit about what I had gone through so far and how their office worked. It was good to hear that they were there four days a week and one a month on a Saturday, the next Saturday being May 10.

The Doctor then came in and did his inspection and like all the other Orthos exclaimed when he saw the missing tooth on the lower left. He said it is unusual that the one on the right was not removed as well. Aargh!

He did say that he can close that gap by moving the molar forward. He also said that my teeth are touching each other and he prefers that I have a slight overjet so he can fix that and also I have a canine over the left side and he can correct that as well.

The space on the upper left he will leave since a bridge will go back there. Now for the monetary part.

He says that it will cost $96/visit and it should take about a year to finish up. He says he does not like to keep people in braces for more than 2 years. I told him I don't mind if it takes longer as long as I get the desired results. Also, he says that it will cost $275 for each retainer. He did say that all the transfer patients he's had from my Ortho company really had good brackets though. I guess that is comforting. He then left and the Asst. came back in.

She asked if I wanted to get an adjustment done today and I advised that I wanted to go see the other Ortho next week first. She said, no sweat and advised of some more stuff like the fact that there will be visits after the braces are removed and I am in retainers that will cost about $40.

I then came back outside where the other Admin told me that there will be no cost for today. I got a chance to ask her about her treatment and she says that she has about two months left to go. She had metal brackets, white ligatures and two elastics on the right side from one canine to a lower premolar. She seemed happy with the results.

By now the office was empty except for one lady who seemed to be waiting for her kid. I did remember the other Admin Asst. telling me that they take their last patient at 11:30a and start again at 1:00p and go until 4:00p.

I thanked them for their time and professionalism and departed. This is a tough one as that office is really good and I like them and they will continue the treatment for the same cost.

It is amazing how all the Orthos are so different and only one has charged me a lot of money just to give me a diagnosis. I don't mind it too much since she is taking records that I never had done and it seems that I should have. The good thing is that regardless of what I ended up deciding I will get to keep all those records.

So, I wait for next Thursday.

Oh, on my way back to work, I went to get a quick haircut. While there I was talking to my barber about the whole changing Ortho ordeal. He noted that one of the kids' mom is a dentist and that he would see if she can help. He then called his girlfriend and she told him that the guy ws actually a friend of hers and not what he had thought.

Later at work, he called me up and gave me the number. As it turns out the guy only does invisalign. So no go there.

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