Friday, April 25, 2008

The new Ortho visit

The Ortho came by the door and called me inside. I was going to sit in the Ortho chair and she motioned me into her office sitting next to me in a comfy leather chair similar to the one she sat in. On the huge table in front of us from right to left were an X-ray of my head with lines all over it and my molars and incisors traced, plus a mould of my mouth, a panoramic X-ray and a few other X-rays, plus a folder with her notes. I was looking for something with a cost on it, but found nothing.

This was one of the things that really impressed me about this Ortho; she was so thorough. At that moment without even knowing how much she would charge (I figured it would be a lot) I decided that I wanted her to finish my treatment.

She told me to look at my mouth (the mold) as she talked to me about it all. It was kind of freaky to see my mouth like that; even freakier as each tooth had braces on it. The mold actually showed how bad my teeth were sadly L. She said that she has plans to move my molars forwards to close that gap on the lower left side and also move my left canine forward. She then said that my last molar on the left side was too tall and she would pull it back a bit so that it is in line with the others. Also, those two molars that were turned inwards and had also moved inwards she would right them and move them back to where they should be.

For the top, she would close the gap on the left to one tooth as it was not possible to completely close it. She then said that she would have lunch with my dentist to go over my treatment plan; I then gave her the number of her office. That really impressed me, a lot! I kept marveling the whole time about my mouth (the mold). She also said that my lower arch was too far forward and that she would bring that back some. All this would take an estimated 18 months to accomplish she said. Then she asked if I had any questions and I said no; kind of in awe really. I asked if I would need a headgear and she asked if any of the other Orthos thought I would. I answered no and she said I did not need one. I told her that if I did, it is not an issue. She commended for wanting to try one, but said it was not necessary. I have to ask her the next time how she will do all she said. Oh, she did mention that I had quite a bad alignment and that elastics will be used to fix it.

She then said, ‘you’re perhaps wondering how much this would cost right?” producing a small rectangular sheer of paper that was hidden all the time under my folder. I was searching for it the whole time and had not seen it. She is good, really good.

The paper read:
Est. treatment time: 18 mos
Total Fee:
-100.00 Rec. Mod.
-150.00 D/C
-600.00 transfer fee
-2250.00 125/mo/18mos
400.00 rets

She explained it all meticulously and I listened intently. She then asked if that was O.K. I said softly that it was more than I expected, but it was O.K. I asked if I could start today and she said sure, pointing out what I needed to pay, which amounted to $900.

In reflecting on the cost, if you take out the retainers cost and the transfer fee, that is $1,000, so that leaves $2,500, so she is charging about $700 more than the old Ortho and I like her, did I mention that? :-(.

Oh, I told her that she had broken a bracket the last time she took the molds and she said she would fix that at no charge. I told her that the one at the bottom right on the first molar was broken and broke when I at some chips. She said that would cost m $25.00 to fix.
Next stop was the Ortho chair for the adjustment. She removed all the old ligatures and after snipping several wire ties was able to remove the archwires. She prepped the tooth on the top for the bracket adding a thing to stop my tongue from moving around. She then applied the bracket and waited about 10 minutes or less for it all to dry.

A similar procedure was done for the bottom except that that thing that holds my mouth open was added. Then she attached silver powerchains on the top. The 10:00a patient arrived and since she did not want to keep him waiting, one of the Assts. finished up with the bottom, asking me what color ligatures I wanted. She handed me a color chart and I chose white as I actually still had the apparatus in my mouth so I could not talk. I don’t think they were happy with that as she said that we have some new colors and showed them to me.

There was dark blue, some other color and pink. I had tried all the other colors, except pink, so I chose that. She then asked if I wanted the top to be pink as well, but I declined :-(.

Soon, it was all over and it was time to go; pink and silver ligatures and all, I wonder what my work colleagues will think? On checking out, signing the contracts and paying the $900.00 , the Asst. told me that the next time, they will change my archwires to .16s and add elastics. She then asked me if I’ve ever had them and I said no. She said I will have them for 24 hours and that I should wear them even during eating. If I did take them out, I should ensure to put them immediately after eating. As wearing them as prescribed will allow them to do the job they are designed for. My next appointment was also set for Tuesday, May 13 at 9:30a. That is kind of quick I thought.

I then left and got a bus right away and headed for work. I was feeling great as I had found a new Ortho and she was really good and I loved her office and the people who worked for her.

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