Tuesday, April 29, 2008

new bracket

Well, today, I made it to my Orthos office without incident. I waited for a bit and then it was my turn after the two Assts. came back from lunch. We had a little small talk once I was called in and then the Asst. took off the ligatures, advising that they were out of light pink so if I did not mind she would re-use them. I don't mind I said.

Another lady came in and was just talking away the whole time, it was quite funny actually and she was quite pleasant. She has a full mouth of metal with one elastic. She actually has pink lligatures on the top and bottom, but her brackets actually looked green. She was complaining about the elastics which was funny.

The Ortho came over after she was done with that lady and prepped my tooth using the pliers to get the glue off. The Asst. had done the same, but some glue remained. Once all the glue was off, they were ready to put the new glue on. The new bracket actually has an extra tube that can hold a head gear wire, which is interesting.

They used the curing tool twice s I think it will hold this time around. It did not take long and I was out of there in about 40 minutes. Oh, I did ask for some wax and got some in a brown envelope.

So far the bracket is holding.
As I was about to leave another lady came in who has ceramic uppers and metallic lowers. She had lost a bracket and had come by to get it fixed.

When I got back hom, I got my bill for $125 which is due on 5/1/08. I had forgotten about paying that bill. It is a good thing I got that reminder.

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