Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The morning of week 59

Last night, I did brush, added Listerine and did a mini floss as I knew there was a piece of food in my huge space between the two left side molars. The lower left read molar hurts when brushed and that lower right first premolar hurts when brushed as well.

It is 59 weeks in and I'm still looking for a new Ortho. Tomorrow at 10:30a, I go to see another one, then next week I go back to that lady for her consultation.

I brushed this morning and added Listerine and had the same pains. Are those teeth moving?

I had a sandwich with chicken and a banana for breakfast. I had some cashew nuts as well.

For lunch, I had some cereal; will perhaps have some crackers and cheese and some grapes in a bit too. It is strange eating grapes as it just wraps itself around my molar.

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