Friday, April 4, 2008


For lunch, I had some beef stew with white rice. I was toying with having curry chicken, but the beef stew looked really good. This was a test as if the beef was tough I was hosed. Luckily, it was brilliant! Well cooked and soft to the bite, so I had no issues at all or so I thought. After lunch, I went to brush my teeth and all was well until I got back to my desk. I felt something in the lower front of my mouth and I thought that I had jst a piece of food there. I held it there with my tongue and went to the toilet to see what it was it.

As it turns out, it was the ligature from my second pre-molar on the lower right. Now how did that get loose? I thought. This is the second ligature I’ve lost now, I guess I should be lucky that it is not a bracket.

Later for an airport snack, I had some crackers and cheese; I hope it does not hurt my stomach as it has in the past. I think it is that peppercorn cheese that does it.

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