Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lunch and the Ortho search continues

For lunch, I went out with a friend of mine and we both actually had a pasta and chicken salad. It was really good except it had too much peppers, so I did not eat those. The chicken and the pasta was fine though.

I brushed once I got back to work without any issues.

Later, I called a friend's Ortho and was told that the Ortho does not accept transfer patients. Their reason is that he does not like to finish other people's work; fair I guess. Also, he may use different brackets so he may have to change those. This office is actually just down the road from my current one. I had not chosen him before as he did not take my insurance plan.

I asked them for a referral and they gave me a femal Ortho not too far away and just about a few more blocks down the road from my dentist and not far from my Doctor. I called them and then I got an answering machine. I called again later and a lady answered. She actually had the calls transferred to her house. I explained the deal and she said that they do take transfers and she can see me next Tuesday at 9:30a, she thinks. She will call me tomorrow to confirm it. I will have to pay a consultation fee of $50 though. I will use my new Employee Spending Account for that. Bummer as I thought that would be free. :-(.

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