Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lunch and the new Ortho

For lunch, I had some crackers and tuna with mayo for lunch as well as a mango. I had to ensure that I brushed and added Listerine since I was going to see the new Ortho.

I made it down to the new Ortho about five minutes late. I did call and advise. I had to fill out paperwork once I was there. The office is really nice and the staff friendly and professional.

I got to the room after waiting for about twenty minutes. While that occurred, I waited with a guy whose girlfriend was getting braces and a guy who had missed his earlier appointment. This office is used on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and the one downtown is on Mondays and Thursdays.

The assistant had me in the chair and checked out my mouth and made notes. We actually had a good rapport during it all. Just as she finished though she handed me off to another assitant. The beauty of this office is that they always say who they are which is cool. I also noticed an army of appliances on the desk; it was amazing at how much stuff can be placed in people's mouths. I did not even know half the names of the stuff I saw.

The Ortho finally came in and introduced himself and inspected my mouth. He was not happy that I had that lower left tooth extracted at all. He said that what he would have done was file (I may be using the wrong word) the teeth to make space. He then said it would take another 6 months on the top if I come in every 2-3 weeks and 8 months on the bottom as more work is required there. Kind of odd since according to my other Ortho, I have 1.5 more years to go.

He actually said this and left almost right away even saying the 8 months as he went out of ear shot. I was actually annoyed by that.

So after this was done, the Asst. sat down with me and asked how much I had paid to the other Ortho. I told her I was not sure, but I have $1,832 left. She said this would help her to determine how much to charge.

In about 5 minutes she came back and gave me a sheet of paper with the charges; $4,000! She said that the Ortho is charging that as the majority of the work is left to be done, huh?

I left feeling really pissed off at the whole thing. In addition, I had checked my new spending account and all I put away was $600 as I did not anticipate any additional expenses this year.

I sent a note to a friend to see what his Ortho would charge, he estimates about $350.00 per month as that is about what he is paying as he had to switch Ortho a few months back. Tomorrow I will check out a few other Orthos.

I also called up my dentist and made an appointment to see her new Ortho on April 12 at 10:00a.

So far, it is looking like I'll have to stay with this office as much as they are cold and callous (the Ortho is cool). I'll have to rent a car once a month so I can do the appts. though. That will be about $540 or over the next 1.5 years. A lot less than the difference between $1,832 and $4,000.

The saga continues.

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