Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It is week 61!

I brushed last night and did a mini flossing. I also added Listerine and fluoride. I was sure to be gentle on that tooth with the new gigantic bracket! I looked at the corresponding tooth on the other side and holy cow! This new one is so much longer and wider. It is like two brackets put together. So far the glue is holding and that is a good thing. The Ortho did ensure that I was not biting down on it and moved it a bit lower. She said she would adjust the wire so it still does its job, but I did not see any additional bends in it. It is clear that the bracket is much lower than it should be though.

There was not much pain during brushing, well discomfort really. Just a litte from the upper molars.

I had no issues brushing this morning, the start of week 61 in braces. That is 1 year and 9 weeks, so really 1 year and 2 months officially. I've come a very far from that boy with the tooth way behind to now all the teeth being on the same archwire. Still a lot of work to do yet and 18 more months to go. Pictures later.

For breakfast, I had a banana, some juice and a chicken sandwich, which was all good, but as usual the bread just sticks everywhere. I continue to eat on one side for now; the left side that is.

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