Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I think I ate a lot today

I awoke without issues after a late night and yes, I did brush, flossed, used Listerine and added fluoride before bed. When I brushed though, the last lower molar on the outside hurts. Also, the first inner pre-molar also hurt. Not sure why.

I brushed again when I awoke and the same pains existed...:-(.

I had a banana for breakfast and that was it. Later, I had two cheese and sliced chicken sandwiches plus a mango. I also had some cashew nuts. I even had some crackers and cheese.

I did go out to get some Listerine as I was out. The bottle I bought last time was not more pricey, so I bought the green or maybe it is blue flavored one. I think that is the original flavor.

On my way there, there was a guy on the bus with silver ligatures and metal brackets on top and bottom. I was not able to ask him about his treatment at all. Also at the store there was a lady behind me in line with braces; metal brackets on top and bottom with white ligatures. She looked liked she had quite a lot of work to do and had a huge overjet. I was unable to ask her about her treatment. I think I'll get white igatures the next time around; maybe white on top and pink on the bottom.

For dinner, I had some lasagna and meat sauce as well as some ice cream and again some more nuts and also some crackers plus some grapes and another mango.

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