Thursday, April 24, 2008

I popped another bracket and soup dinner

For lunch, I had some red beans and rice plus a banana and ate it all very slowly as my teeth ached. I had eaten anything since the night before when I had that salad s I was famished.

As I ate, I heard a pop on my right side of my mouth. I knew it was the bracket popping sadly. I called up the Ortho again and the Asst. told me to hold. When she came back, she said I should come in at 9:30a in the morning. Bummer, there goes my Friday morning.

For dinner, I had some chicken soup with some friends at a birthday dinner for another friend. It was a great event. The soup was actually quite good and very spicy, actually too spicy. The chicken was well done so it was actually easy to eat. I did eat some focaccia bread very slowly as well.

My teeth are actually hurting quite a bit and I have a headache as well.

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