Sunday, April 27, 2008

i ate a lot today again.

I went to bed very late and did brush before I did so. There was some pain, but is going away.

After I awoke with really tight teeth, I brushed again and added a very small amount of mouthwash that was left. I spent the next few minutes after brushing as it looks like the bottle had opened and spilled some of its contents. As I did not have time, I did not eat anything just yet.

Later, I had a croissant, some pastry and some juice. A little later, I had a chicken sandwich with some more pastry. Still no brushing.

Lunch was chicken Vesuvio with rice, a salad, a roll, crackers and cheese plus a salad with vinaigrette dressing. I was able to brush after that though.

I talked to this girl who had braces. She had blue ligatures on metal brackets on top and bottom. It looks like she had two extractions on the top as well. She said that she will be out of them in September ending a two-year stint. She also said that she really want to get them off as she has had enough of them. She said she was fortunate as her friend had been in them for five years now! She then asked me about my treatment and I told her the abridged story.

There was also another guy in metal brackets on both top and bottom with blue ligatures. I was unable to ask him about his treatment though.

Then I had some ice cream, plus more crackers and cheese. Then another chicken sandwich o whole wheat bread. A few hours later, it was time for some potato chips and a chicken sandwich.

Still no brushing so I really need to do that.

For dinner, I had a toasted cheese sandwich and then some crackers and cheese. I need to get some fruits though.

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