Monday, April 28, 2008

fell asleep

I was famished when I got to work, so I had a banana as well as a muffin. No eating issues whatsoever.

I was talking to the girl who serves me and she has braces. She had gone to the Ortho over the weekend and gotten elastics. She has them closing a gap on the right side from the upper canine. I could not see where it connects in the back.

She askd if I had elastics as yet and I told her no, but will the next time I visit. She says they only hurt when she first got them for about two days, but they are O.K. for now.

For lunch, I went out with three other of my colleagues and I had some Thai curry with rice. It was really good, but I wanted pizza or something like that but it was too crusty and hard for me to eat. The chicken and rice was fine though. It was funny as my friend has invisalign and he had to take them out before he ate :-).

I was able to brush when I got back without incident. I get second takes when I talk to anyone as I have pink ligatures :-).

For dinner, I just had a cheese sandwich, crackers and cheese and a banana. I fell asleep and when I awoke it was 10:35p and I went back to sleep and awoke at 2:52a. I then brushed and added Listerine and went back to bed.

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