Wednesday, April 23, 2008

did not eat much and molar issues

I ate a banana for breakfast and much later in the day, I had some fries two packs of pretzels. I also had a chicken salad from Burger King for dinner.

I was able to brush, floss, rinse with Listerine and add also fluoride. While flossing, I pulled the archwire out a bit from that last molar loop. I was able to get it all back though. Basically I think I got set back a bit as the ligature came off the tooth before the first molar and that bracket is off that molar.

Today was odd as my lower first molar on the left felt out of place. In looking at it, it seems to have moved quite a bit more as well.

While flossing, I had a little bleeding on those lower right molars as well.

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