Friday, April 18, 2008

Broke off a bracket

I went out to lunch with some friends from work. I was having some chips and salsa when I heard a tick in my mouth. That is never good when you wear braces. As it turns out, one of the brackets popped off from the lower inner right molar.

It actually felt like something broke so I excused myself and went to the restroom to check it out. This bracket has a wire going through it, so it cannot fall off unless the bracket on the b molar comes off as well. I returned to the table with the news. My friends were a bit concerned as I continued to eat lunch slowly.

Lunch was fish with rice, avocado and some vegetables. I had to chew on the right side only to avoid the weird feeling that something is broke on the right side. Of course my tongue would not leave the area alone the whole time.

Later that evening, I had some crackers and cheese at the airport as I was heading out of town.
Dinner on the plane was chicken which came with pasta, corn, red pepper, a salad with Ranch dressing, a roll and a brownie. It was all good and not too bad to eat, but I had to eat it on the left side of my mouth.

I was able to brush and add Listerine before I went off to sleep so that was a good thing.

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