Monday, April 7, 2008

Breakfast and a braces sighting

This morning, I awoke and brushed and added Listerine. Only five hours ago, I had brushed and also added Listerine before bed. No morning issues, just tight teeth as usual.

I did talk to a lady in braces who was checking me in for my flight. She had gray powerchains on metal brackets top and bottom. I asked her how was her treatment and she said that she's had them since February last year and would get them off in June. This was her second time in braces as she had them when she was much younger. Her molars had been impacted and had now pushed her teeth out of place. She then asked about my treatment, I told her and she asked why was it so long. I told her I was blessed with bad teeth and she smiled showing all her metal.

She wished me good luck as I left.

I had breakfast on a plane of two sandwiches; one with egg and the other with mozzarella cheese plus some tea and water. It was relatively easy to bite the sandwiches so no issues there.

Later, I had some minestrone soup and cheese and a baloney with some really bread. I do need to brush now :-(.

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