Thursday, March 27, 2008

the search continues and lunch

I was pretty hungry when I got to work so I had a muffin, which was good but had a ton of calories.

I had some black beans and rice for lunch; it was good, but I had asked for red beans. The lady always like to give me what she wants me to eat :-(.

At lunch, I rented a car and went to talk to my dentist; as it turns out she was not there. I did find out that she had hired an Ortho who comes on Saturdays only...aargh. I don't know if I want to go to anyone who is only accessible like once or twice a month anymore and a Saturday is just not convenient. Nonetheless, I will have to evaluate the cost of it all and see if he will finish the job at a reasonable price.

I also drove by a few office whose address I've seen on paper. One is where my colleague goes and it is way too far away. Matter of fact, I'd have to either take two buses (which I do now) or take one and have quite a walk to get there. This won't work as getting back to work after an appointment would be an issue.

I'm going to go back and check out the other guy who was on the same street as the Ortho I selected, but I think he was a little farther away.

Oh, I was looking for a pair of shoes and there was a lady in braces shopping for shoes with her boyfriend. I did not notice her braces at first, but then I saw that she had silver brackets on top and bottom with white ligatures on top and bottom. I was unable to ask her about her treatment.

Once home, for dinner, I had nothing really, well, actually, I had a beef patty plus some red beans and rice which was good.

I think I may have some ice cream later; I am really full now...

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